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How To Find Best Mail Order Brides: Quick Guide For Men

Everyone wants to be happy and have someone they love by their side. However, most women are disappointed in their relationships with local guys and decide to find suitors from other countries. For the same reason, Western males are eager to find the best mail order brides abroad. And when it comes to the wedding, you dream of creating your own romantic movie to watch over and over again together. So let’s learn how to find a bride and why wedding videography makes sense for your ceremony?

Does a wedding videographer really matter?

A videographer is as much of a must-have pro at a wedding as a coordinator or decorator. Wedding photos preserve moments of the most important day, while videos are its dynamics. It’s not only a beautiful picture but also a chance to fully immerse in the day’s atmosphere, feel its mood and emotions again, and hear your beloved’s voice trembling when she pronounces the oath.

The wedding videography creates a complete, 3D picture of the celebration and causes a vivid emotional response. By the way, a short video of 3 to 5 minutes is a great way to show your wedding to your friends on social networks because not everyone can handle looking through an album with 500 pictures.

How To Find Best Mail Order Brides: Quick Guide For Men

Today’s The Day Weddings videography studio is ready to give you a variety of emotions by making a short film of your wedding, which you can demonstrate even to your future kids. The commitment and dedication to customers set this studio apart from the many similar ones. If you already know where to book a videographer for your wedding but don’t know where to look for the best mail order brides, read on to discover!

Why do women become mail order brides?

The dating industry continues to gain momentum. For more than 20 years, the number of couples who met online has increased from 2 to 39%. More and more Western men sign up on international dating sites and are ready for a real adventure immersed in a long-distance relationship with Latin women and others pretty girls from Europe, Japan, Mexico or Thai dating sites. However, the question of why girls are looking for men in other countries may come up. Look at the most popular reasons overseas ladies become beautiful brides and wives!

Dissatisfaction with the local men

Guys don’t really appreciate girls in countries with a high female rate. Men don’t respect their partners, don’t care about them, and even cheat on them. Some men abuse alcohol and raise their hands to women.

Desire for self-development

In some countries, there’s still a great patriarchy. As a result, most ladies can’t fulfill themselves in their careers or other areas of life. So they’re forced to leave their homes and start families abroad. European wifes is the best example.

Western men know how to build healthy relationships

American bachelors are willing to invest and work on their relationships spiritually and physically. Thus, such marriages are more successful than relationships with local men.

How To Find Best Mail Order Brides: Quick Guide For Men

How to meet the best mail order brides online?

Nowadays, you can find an effective and safe way to buy a wife from any country without leaving home. All you have to do is to use online dating sites. Let’s see how it works!

  • Choose a dating site with a good reputation. Read pro reviews and feedback from real users. The platform should have the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Sign up on the platform. The registration process is quite simple on such websites. You have to specify your nickname, email, and date of birth. It takes less than a minute.
  • Fill out a profile. The more accurately you specify who you’re looking for and your purpose, the more successful your search will be.
  • Get to know the audience. To get started quickly with suitable candidates, use the search filters and find the best mail order brides that meet your criteria. You need only 5-7 candidates with whom you’ll contact closely.
  • Send your first message. Girls receive dozens of the same messages every day. If you’re eager to stand out among the crowd of identical admirers, you need to think through and write a meaningful introduction message. Tell her who you are, what you’re looking for, and why you’re targeting exactly this lady.
  • Develop your communication. Check in at least once or twice a day to respond to messages and show your genuine interest.

Choosing the Right Platform

  1. EasternHoneys specializes in connecting Western men with Asian women from countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam. The site boasts an impressive user interface that makes navigation a breeze. One of the best parts? The diverse range of women all looking for love and serious relationships.
  2. SakuraDate is perfect for those particularly interested in Japanese culture and women. The platform is dedicated to creating meaningful connections between Japanese women and Western men.
  3. offers a broader range of international ladies, from Eastern Europe to Latin America. The diversity here is one of its best-selling points.
  4. If Mediterranean beauty is what you’re after, NaomiDate is your go-to. The site focuses on connecting you with stunning women from Greece and nearby regions.

How much do the best mail order brides cost?

Foreign ladies beckon Western men with their mystery and exoticism, but how much will your happiness cost? Of course, prices will vary from country to country. Let’s find out more!

  • Online dating service cost. In a month for the premium services of the dating platform, you can spend $50 if you buy VIP status with a package of services or $200-300 if you purchase virtual currency credits.
  • Airfare. Tickets to Latin countries are the cheapest. They’re from $400 for a round trip on a special offer from the airline; $900 to $1200 to Asian countries, and from $1000 to Eastern Europe.
  • Accommodation. In Asian areas, this amount averages $500 for 10 days. However, in South America, from $350 in a medium-budget hotel.
  • Meals. Here everything depends on whether you cook yourself or eat in cafes. On average, you’ll have to count on $500-800 for 10 days for two people.
  • Bride visa. Every foreign girl who’s going to marry an American should get a K-1visa. Its price is about $1000.
  • Wedding. To save money on your ceremony, you can celebrate it in your bride’s country. For example, in Latin countries, the celebration can cost up to $8,000. However, in Asia with Asian bride , it costs up to $10,000, in Slavic countries up to $6,000, while in America, the wedding with the best mail order brides may cost $25,000 to 30,000. You may save on different wedding items but not on wedding videography. It’s better to choose proven specialists from Today’s The Day Weddings who can save the most precious moments for you.

When you find a bride and start your life from scratch, you want everything to be perfect for you. That’s why choosing a great videographer is essential to capture your favorite movie that will take you back to happy moments or bring you back to life in sad moments. Thus, looking for the best mail order brides, don’t forget to study the wedding videographer’s portfolio!